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Features and application scope of Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part?

Jan. 06, 2020

Lead-zinc ore processing zinc alloy die-casting system uses zinc alloy lead-zinc production process flow for casting and rolling. This kind of alloy has a low melting point and can be cast into a variety of precise and messy components. It has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, excellent forge ability and sensitive versatility. It is widely used to make high-quality components and products. The features and applications of Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part is introduced in detail below.

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Die-casting alloys can be divided into two major alloy series: casting and machining.

Castings include die-cast zinc, aluminum alloys, gravity-cast zinc-aluminum alloys, and die-cast zinc-copper-titanium creep-resistant alloys. They are used for die-casting and various free-casting parts such as bearings, wear-resistant parts, molds and shock-absorbing parts.

Processing category includes superplastic zinc-aluminum alloy, deformable zinc-copper-titanium alloy, etc., and can produce semi-finished products such as belts, tubes, rods, wires, profiles and superplastic molded parts for construction, machinery, appearance, cars and electronics Industry and other parts.

Zinc alloy die-casting requires high corrosion resistance and excellent physical and mechanical processing functions, so it has strict requirements on impurities, such as Pstrong <0.003%, Cd <0.002%, Sn <0 001%, which is necessary when making alloy Use Zn> 99. 99% of the purest zinc. The alloy composition also requires high purity.

Zinc alloy die-casting refers to a zinc-based alloy series containing 4% Al, 0.1% ~ 0.3% Cu.0. 03% ~ 0 1% Mg. This type of alloy has the best fluidity near the eutectic point, but the creep speed is too high under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. In order to further improve the physics of zinc-based alloys, the functions of casting machining, and change the alloy elements and their composition to form a new series of die-cast zinc alloys.

Five steps to choose a zinc alloy die-casting plant

The zinc alloy die-casting produced by the zinc alloy die-casting processing plant is one of the most commonly used types of die-casting in our daily life. Many of our products are manufactured using zinc alloy die-casting processes, such as mechanical parts, electronic products Shells, etc., and a good product made by a good Die Cast Mold Manufacturers is always more popular. When we need to customize zinc alloy die casting products, we can choose a good zinc alloy die casting factory from these aspects.

I don’t think it ’s any different from our grocery shopping. The first thing we have to look at is whether the food sold by the merchant is what we want to buy. The zinc alloy die-casting factory that cannot make the products we need is definitely not what we want; the second step of shopping It depends on the quality of the "vegetables", but the quality is definitely not good; then it is the speed. If I can't deliver the "vegetables" to me quickly, I must look for another house; the price is too high I have no profit, it is too low and abnormal, and it is easy to produce moths. The fifth is the service attitude. The good service attitude shows that the die-casting company has perfect rules and regulations. If there is a problem, it is easy to communicate.

Through the above points, a suitable zinc alloy die-casting plant can generally be found. Our company also has CNC Machined Part, welcome to consult.