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Causes and Analysis of Molding in Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Treatment

Jan. 13, 2020

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part surface treatment, the common causes of mold are as follows:

1. External environmental factors. Aluminum is a vivid metal, which is easily oxidized and turned black or moldy under certain temperature and humidity conditions. This is a characteristic of aluminum.

2. Then there are internal elements of itself. Many manufacturers do not perform any cleaning treatment after the die-casting and machining processes, and may simply be flushed with water, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Corrosive substances such as mold release agents, cutting fluids, saponification fluid and other stains remain on the surface of die-casting aluminum, which in turn accelerates mold growth of aluminum alloy die castings;

3. Process planning is unreasonable. Improper treatment of aluminum alloy die castings after cleaning or pressure inspection, to create conditions for mold mildew of aluminum alloy die castings, and accelerate mold formation.

4. Do not use cleaning agents properly. Cleaning is highly corrosive, forming corrosion and oxidation of die-cast aluminum.

5. Storage is not in place. The mold is different at different heights in the storage warehouse.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Methods to prevent mildew of aluminum alloy castings:

1. Do not choose the refining and slagging agent containing Na salt or Mg salt, use the refining and mutating agent of C2Cl6, Na2SiF6 and NaF, or N2 gas refining

2. Do not use the release agent containing plant fiber, replace the release agent with better quality;

3. Do not use machine-fiber-containing cutting fluids and replace oil-based rust-resistant cutting fluids;

4. The product cannot be stored in the open air for a long time to prevent accumulation of flying dust on the surface of the product;

5. The product packaging cartons stacked on the board need to be wrapped with 6 sides of the wrapping film and waterproof;

6. After the product is wetted with water, it needs to be placed in a ventilated place to dry;

Die Cast Part has been widely used in all walks of life of the national economy, but to know that if you want to make a high-quality die-casting part, the die-casting mold is absolutely necessary. Among them, the die casting mold material is the main object in the design and manufacturing of bearing die-casting molds. It plays an important role in the die-casting mold industry, and plays a leading role in the ease of manufacturing of the die-casting mold and the long service life of the die-casting mold. So how do we choose the material of the die?

First, the die-casting mold material selected must have good enforceability, machinability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and have high red hardness, high-temperature strength, tempering resistance and impact toughness at high temperature. The second is that the material of the die-casting mold must have good thermal conductivity, fatigue resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, hardenability and small heat treatment deformation rate. Good die-casting mold materials are the basis for good die-casting molds, and the die-casting molds play a leading role in the production process of the die-casting parts. We are Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory, welcome to consult.