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Do you know the precautions for Die Casting Mould?

Nov. 15, 2019

1. The installation position of Die Casting Mould is in accordance with the design requirements. The distance between the center of the die expansion force and the center of the die casting machine should be minimized as much as possible so that the force of the die casting machine bar can be more uniform.

2. Frequently check whether the mold lifting eye bolts, screw holes and lifting equipment are intact to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and molds when lifting.

3. Regularly check the force error of the die casting machine bar and adjust it if necessary.

4. Before installing the mold, thoroughly clean the machine mounting surface and the mold mounting surface. Check whether the length of the ejector rods is appropriate and whether all the ejector rods are of equal length.

5. The pressure plate and pressure plate bolts should have sufficient strength and accuracy to avoid loosening during use. The number of pressure plates should be enough, and it is best to compact on four sides, not less than two on each side.

6. large molds should have mold brackets to avoid the mold sinking and dislocation or falling during use.

7. Molds with larger cores or dies that need to be reset may also need to be moved and fixed separately.

8. The cooling water pipe and installation should be sealed.

9. Adjustment after mold installation. Adjust the mold clamping tightness and adjust the injection parameters: fast injection speed, injection pressure, boost pressure, slow injection stroke, fast injection stroke, punch follow-up distance, ejection stroke, ejection reset time, etc. After the adjustment, put soft objects such as cotton silk in the pressure chamber and do two simulation shots to check whether the adjustment is appropriate.

10. Adjust the mold clamping to a proper distance between moving and fixed mold, stop the machine running, and put it into the mold preheater.

11. Set the holding furnace at the specified temperature and configure the scoop with the specified capacity.

12. Before production, confirm the integrity of the mold, correctly connect the neutron mold and the neutron fuel pipe and control switch circuit, etc., make sure that the metal of the conductive part is not exposed and select the control program before operation.

13. For a mold with an inverted pull device, the inverted pull rod must be installed; the ejector pin must be returned after ejection, otherwise the mold cavity will be damaged.

Die Casting Mould

Die Casting Mould

As a Die Cast Mold Manufacturers, share with you the tips for a long life of die casting molds.

1. High-quality molding materials

2. Reasonably design mold wall thickness and other mold sizes

3. Try to use inserts

4. Use the largest possible angle R when possible

5. The distance between the cooling water channel and the profile and corner must be large enough

6.Relieve stress and temper after rough machining

7. Correct heat treatment, quenching and cooling must be fast enough

8. Thoroughly remove the EDM metamorphic layer

9. the surface can not be highly polished

10. the mold surface should be oxidized

11. If nitriding is selected, the penetration layer cannot be too deep

12.Preheat the mold to the recommended temperature in the correct way

13. When starting 5 ~ 10 pieces of die casting, a slow hammer speed should be used.

14.Minimize the temperature of molten aluminum on the premise of obtaining qualified products

15. Do not use too high aluminum injection speed

16. Make sure that the mold is properly cooled. The temperature of the cooling water should be maintained at 40 ~ 50 ° C.

17. For temporary shutdown, the mold should be closed as much as possible and the amount of cooling water should be reduced to avoid the thermal shock of the mold when it is turned on again.

18. Turn off the coolant when the model surface is at the highest temperature

19.Not too much spray release agent

20, after a certain number of die-casting, stress relief and tempering

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