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Several main factors affecting the quality of Magnesium Alloy Die Castings?

Oct. 08, 2019

  What are the main factors affecting the quality of magnesium alloy die castings? The following is a detailed description of Die Cast Mold Manufacturers. It includes die casting, die casting, die casting, die casting alloys and die casting operations.

  (1) Die casting mold

  Precision. The die-casting mold is required to work at high temperatures. Therefore, when selecting the cooperative tolerance of the die-casting mold parts, it can meet the requirements of the device precision at room temperature and can ensure the stability and reliable operation of the structural dimensions of each part. At the working temperature, especially the part of the alloy liquid that contacts at high speed. Under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, the mold matching gap changes temporarily, which affects the quality of the die casting.

  cooling system. Inferior cooling water will damage the equipment system and further affect the quality of the die casting. Therefore, in the case where the quality of the cooling water cannot meet the requirements, the water treatment equipment and the central filtration equipment must be added to the cooling water system.

  Pouring the drainage system. The pouring overflow system plays an important role in controlling and regulating the direction of movement of liquid metal, overflow and exhaust conditions, pressure transfer, filling speed, mold temperature distribution, and filling time. It not only selects the conditions for the movement of molten metal but also affects the quality of die casting. In order to design a reasonable casting system, the structural characteristics, technical requirements, characteristics, types, and characteristics of the magnesium alloy must be carefully analyzed.

Magnesium Alloy Die Castings

Magnesium Die Casting Parts

  (2) Die casting process

  In order to obtain good castings, it is necessary to select the appropriate die casting process for the equipment, including pressure, temperature, and injection rate. In terms of injection specific pressure, under the premise of ensuring the molding and operation requirements of the casting, the lower specific pressure is selected. The specific pressure of the magnesium alloy casting is 30-50MPA, and the stress casting is 50-80MPA, and the airtightness is good. The filling speed of large flat-wall castings and standard castings is 80-100 MPA. From the filling speed point of view, the bump filling speed directly affects the internal and external quality of the die-casting parts.

  (3) Casting operations

  In die casting production, the environment, die casting cycle, coating, number of castings, operators and abnormal conditions are all decisive factors affecting the quality of die casting. The magnesium alloy die-casting coating can prevent the adhesion of the alloy, reduce the surface conflict between the casting and the cavity, reduce the anti-ejection force of the casting, ensure the smooth release of the casting, and prevent the deformation and cracking of the casting. The spraying is uneven or too thick. Since the transpiration gas collects in the cavity, it is easy to cause pores and pinhole defects in the casting to form a bad casting. In die-cast magnesium alloys, three factors should be considered, one air, two temperatures, and three humidity. Assuming that the three elements are well distributed, the yield will increase.

  (4) Die-casting alloy

  The alloying elements commonly used in Magnesium Die Casting Parts fluids are aluminum and zinc. In order to ensure the casting performance, the aluminum content of the die-cast magnesium alloy is >3%, and the zinc content is <2%. Otherwise, short cracks will occur. Non-metallic inclusions and metal inclusions in magnesium alloys have different effects on the quality of the casting.

  (5) Casting structure

  Die casting process planning is to analyze the process rationality of die casting structure, fully consider the requirements of various aspects, such as die casting process characteristics, die casting structure characteristics and casting finishing, surface treatment, machining and so on. Other follow-up procedures, planning a reasonable die-casting basic structure. Reasonable casting structure can shorten the test period and ensure product quality.

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