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You need to know some questions about Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Oct. 21, 2019

  China has entered a period of rapid development, and people's lives have undergone rapid changes. For zinc alloy die-casting plants, die-casting high-quality products have become a basic requirement for enterprise survival. In order to die-cast high-quality products, the die-casting process needs to be continuously improved to meet the ever-increasing demand for die-casting parts.

  Will you ask if you can't do the surface treatment? Then as a China Die Casting Parts Factory, let us give you an answer today:

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

  First of all, Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part is also possible without surface treatment, but this needs to be considered according to the performance, structure, and use of your product; just like the appearance parts, it is easily oxidized, blackened, or Corrosion affects the quality of the product; therefore, the zinc alloy die-casting parts generally used outside will be treated with the surface of the product. Of course, the surface treatment of the effect is also selected according to the requirements of your product. It is not necessary to choose to electroplate. You can use baking paint and dusting. Surface treatment processes such as electrophoresis and sandblasting.

  Many customers who use zinc alloy die castings will ask how zinc alloys can be stored for longer. This article tells you how to store zinc alloy die castings. Due to the chemical nature of zinc alloys, they are easily oxidized in the air, so zinc alloy die-casting parts we do generally do some surface treatment to make them more durable. But some internal parts only need to be deburred, with no surface treatment.

  The storage time of zinc alloy die-casting parts is also related to our die-casting details. For example, the control of alloy composition in the production process of zinc alloy die-casting parts, the control of alloy composition is related to the choice of our zinc alloy raw materials, so when we purchase materials To choose high-quality and high-purity zinc alloy, high-quality zinc alloy raw material is the guarantee for producing high-quality zinc alloy die-casting parts. First of all, we need to store our zinc alloy raw materials reasonably, so that it will not cause the decline of the quality of subsequent die castings. The temperature of the furnace should be controlled within the proper temperature of the zinc alloy raw material, which is to ensure the good fluidity of the alloy liquid to fill the cavity, so that the mechanical properties of the zinc alloy die casting are stable.

  For the storage of zinc alloy die-casting products, Huayin Die Casting Co., Ltd. proposes the following storage methods:

  1. When we buy the zinc alloy die-casting material, we need to put it in a dry and clean place. Before using it, we must first sample the zinc alloy (or periodically).

  2. The die-cast zinc alloy die-casting parts should be packaged and sealed after surface treatment, and placed in a place that is not easy to be wet so that the zinc alloy die-casting parts are not easily oxidized by air.

  3. The surface should be pickled well (the paint can be cleaned up), and the moisture-proof measures should be done well.

  Our company provides Zinc Alloy Die-casting Custom.