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Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Processing - Four Key Points of Sandblasting Process

Oct. 28, 2019

  As a popular technology for aluminum alloy die-casting parts, sandblasting is widely used in various Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Parts, so you want to make a beautiful aluminum alloy die cast part, aluminum alloy shell processing - sandblasting process should pay attention to four points :

  First, the surface of the aluminum alloy die cast part must be cleaned before sandblasting. The cleaning process is to remove surface oil and dirt with sulfuric acid. After pickling, neutralize with alkali;

  Second, after pickling, dry or dry the aluminum alloy die cast part to check the surface, mainly check whether it is clean, whether there is a watermark, whether there is yellowing, etc.

  Third, sandblasting is a process of roughening the surface of an aluminum alloy casing by the impact of a high-speed sand stream. The type of sand used is generally 80#--320#. The larger the value, the smaller the sand. The roughness of the surface of the aluminum alloy shell is determined by the type of sand and the pressure of the blasting pressure. Under the same pressure, the larger the sand value, the finer the surface; and the larger the sand type, the higher the pressure and the thicker the surface.

  Fourth, sandblasting is divided into manual sandblasting and automatic sandblasting. The manual blasting efficiency is relatively slow, and sometimes the spraying is uneven; the automatic blasting efficiency is high, and the surface thickness is uniform.

  Aluminum alloy die cast part industry is more widely used, more and more products are replaced by aluminum alloy. To make a beautifully-formed aluminum alloy shell die-casting part, it also needs a series of the external surface treatment, and the sandblasting process The processing of aluminum alloy casing is more common, and the effect after treatment is also deeply loved by consumers!

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Parts

  The industrial casting of the first heavy materials, after all, "the clever the woman is difficult to be without rice", the performance of this material of aluminum alloy is the root cause of its fire, aluminum alloy has good casting performance, small specific gravity, easy cutting, good electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance It has good properties and good strength (the strength is close to low carbon steel after cold treatment), and the aluminum alloy does not contain heavy metal elements and is easy to recycle, so it is very environmentally friendly, which constitutes the more reason why the aluminum alloy shell can be fired.

  Then there is the social demand. From the development trend of automobile lightweight, it can be seen that without affecting the use, reducing the weight is bound to be the direction of the future industry, and people attach more importance to environmental protection and sustainable development. The impact of the national policy, the aluminum alloy shell processing is not surprising.

  Aluminum alloy die cast part is generally the appearance part, the requirements of the appearance parts are much higher than the structural parts, and should not be sloppy during processing. As an Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory, I want to tell you that a good aluminum alloy case is missing. The following five details are not available.

  1. Consider the problem of demoulding.

  2. Considering the problem of the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy casing, the thickness gap of the filling is too large.

  3. In the structure, try to avoid the appearance of structures, resulting in complex mold structures, and have to use multiple core or spiral cores.

  4. Some die-cast parts may have special requirements, such as fuel injection.

  5. Design consideration of mold problems. If there are multiple locations of the core, try to put two aspects, do not put the lower core, such a long time, the core of the aluminum alloy shell processing will have problems. Our company Die Cast Mold is on sale, welcome to come and consult.