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Three Major Polishing Methods for Die Casting!

Aug. 02, 2019

Polishing is required for the completion of die casting. What is polishing? Polishing refers to the processing method of reducing the surface roughness of a workpiece by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to obtain a bright and smooth surface. It is a modification process of the surface of the workpiece by using polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media. There are many ways to polish. Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory talks about three of the various polishing methods.

First, mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing is mainly a polishing method in which a smooth surface is obtained by cutting or plastically deforming the surface of the material to remove the convex portion of the surface of the workpiece. In the polishing liquid containing abrasive, it is pressed against the machined surface to perform the high-speed rotary motion. With this technology, the surface roughness of about 0.008 μm can be achieved, which is the best surface roughness in various polishing methods. This method is often used in optical lens molds. Mechanical polishing is the main method of mold polishing.

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Second, electrolytic polishing

The basic principle of electropolishing is the same as chemical polishing, which is to selectively dissolve the surface of the material to make the surface smooth. Compared with chemical polishing, it can eliminate the influence of the cathode reaction and has a good effect.

Third, ultrasonic polishing

Ultrasonic polishing is a processing method that uses a tool section for ultrasonic vibration to polish a brittle hard material through an abrasive suspension. The workpiece is placed in an abrasive suspension and placed together in an ultrasonic field, and the abrasive is ground and polished on the surface of the workpiece by the action of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic machining has a small macroscopic force and does not cause deformation of the workpiece, but it is difficult to manufacture and install the tooling.

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