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Reasons for the Blackening of the Surface of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

Jul. 25, 2019

What causes the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting to become black? There are many reasons for the surface to blacken. The Die Casting Parts Supplier will give you an analysis:

1. The process design of the die casting is unreasonable, and improper handling during cleaning will result in mold casting. Moldy is the condition that causes the blackening of the die-casting part, and the accelerated mildew will turn black;

2. There is also a position where the die-casting part is not placed high enough because the more it touches the ground, the more humid it is. If the surface of the die-casting part is long, there will be moisture, which will cause the mold to eventually turn black.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

3. Because Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part does not work well during processing, it does not do any cleaning or simply rinses with water and does not completely clean it. This will cause corrosive substances such as a stripper to remain on the surface of the die-cast aluminum, which will eventually lead to mildew and blackening of the die-casting parts;

4. There is also aluminum that is a reactive metal that oxidizes or molds at a certain temperature and humidity and eventually turns black. There is also the improper use of the cleaning agent. When selecting the cleaning agent, it is best to avoid corrosiveness, otherwise, it will lead to blackening.

The above is the reason for the blackening of the Precision Aluminum Die Casting Parts surface, I hope to help you.