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How to Check if the Aluminum Die Casting is Qualified?

Aug. 08, 2019

It is not that professionals do not know whether aluminum die castings are qualified or not, and they are often afraid of being deceived. Today, professionals from China Die Casting Parts Factory will talk about how to verify the qualification of aluminum die castings:

First, it must be a complete individual, there must be defects such as defects, cracks, bubbles, etc., and there should be no mold phenomenon.

Second, Custom Precision Die Cast Parts should be wiped frequently, such as gates and flashing edges, and kept clean at all times.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Third, the defects that cannot be seen on the processed surface are mixed with impurities, and the pores are sparse.

Fourth, the level of processing marks at the Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part ejector shall not exceed 0.2 mm.

The above is the way to check if the Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part is qualified, I hope to help you.