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How to Choose a Casting Method?

Aug. 22, 2019

What is casting, casting is the method of casting liquid metal into a casting cavity that is compatible with the shape of the part, after cooling and solidifying, to obtain a part or blank. The method of casting is also principled. As an Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory, let's analyze it together.

First, the preferred method is sand casting, because sand casting has low cost, simple process and short production time; sand casting is divided into two types: clay wet type and the other type clay dry type; What is the difference? The clay wet type can be produced in a few kilograms up to several tens of kilograms, and the clay dry type can be produced up to several tens of tons;

Custom Precision Die Cast Parts

Custom Precision Die Cast Parts

Second, low-pressure casting, die-casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods: because the equipment and Custom Die Casting Mould are relatively expensive, so the method is only suitable for mass production;

Third, the core molding method: the production of large machine tools and other castings used, this method does not make the appearance and sandbox, the core in the pit;

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