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The Most Common Quality Problems with Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Aug. 27, 2019

What are the most common quality problems in the production of zinc alloy die casting? As a Die Casting Mold Supplier, let's analyze it.

When Custom Die Casting Mould is limited by temperature, it will cause the melting point of some alloys to be too high, and the living surface of the matching die-casting mold will be shortened, which will lead to high cost. Now it is generally used to produce die-casting parts mainly with zinc alloy. Metals such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and copper alloys are limited in the types of die-cast alloys.

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

At high temperatures, the gas in the pores will swell and eventually cause bubbling on the surface. The lighter is only a small bubble, and in the worst case, it affects the appearance of the Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part and reduces the overall quality of the product. Therefore, the device is not suitable for working at high temperatures, or pores may appear on the surface.

When it is limited by the clamping force of the die casting machine and the size of the die, it is more suitable for production with small and medium-sized die-casting parts and is not suitable for large-scale castings.

The above is the quality problem of Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part. I hope this article can help you.