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What are The Daily Maintenance Methods for Die-casting Molds?

Jul. 01, 2019

A good Custom Die Casting Mould is very important. If the protection is not good, it will affect the service life and will affect the subsequent use. So, do you know the maintenance method of the die-casting mold? Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory to explain to you:

1. Reduce the speed of compression and reduce the impact of the mold as much as possible.

2. Reduce the temperature of the aluminum casting as much as possible, which will increase the service life of the Custom Die Casting Mould.

3. It is necessary to reduce the rapid cooling of the mold as much as possible and to produce as continuous as possible. In the indifferent state, it is not possible to shoot at high speed.

4. In the daily need to strengthen the maintenance of the mold, it is also necessary to do regular maintenance, regular tempering of the mold cavity.

5. When Custom Die Casting Mould is used, the cover should be cleaned and the aluminum skin should be cleaned in time to avoid squeezing the mold.

The above is the daily maintenance method of die-casting molds, I hope this article can help you.

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