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Experts Teach You How to Extend the Life of Die-casting Molds!

Jul. 10, 2019

The life of die-casting molds is a point that all manufacturers care about. The long life of the molds is used. The more products are produced with the same specifications. If the life of the die-casting molds is short, it takes a lot of time to re-sample the custom molds. It is very troublesome, then do you know how to extend the die casting mold? The following Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory will tell you;

1. The quality of the mold is a major factor in determining the length of service;

2. Dimensions need to be designed reasonably and with inserts;

3. Re-stressing and tempering should be required after roughing;

Custom Die Casting Mould

4. For quenching and cooling, the steps must be continuous enough;

5. The profile of Custom Die Casting Mould shall not be highly polished and shall be oxidized;

6. The temperature of the aluminum liquid must be reduced as much as possible before obtaining a qualified product;

7. Do not spray too much release agent;

The above is the method to extend the service life of the die-casting mold, and I hope to help you.