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What Causes Blackening of Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part?

Mar. 16, 2020

In the usual casting process, there are occasional blackening of aluminum alloy die castings. Why is this? Today, Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory will come together to understand the cause of this phenomenon.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

1. The process technology is not good. Aluminum alloy die castings are not carefully cleaned or inspected in the later stage, which leads to mold and blackening of the castings.

2. The warehouse was not ready in time. When the aluminum alloy die-casting is placed in a warehouse with different aspect ratios, its moldy condition is also different.

3. Internal reasons for aluminum alloy profiles. Many die-casting companies do not do a little finishing after aluminum die-casting and machine production process procedures, or simple tap water washing, can not guarantee that they are all neatly tidy. Corrosion chemical composition and other impurities, such impurities promote the speed of moldy spot blackening of aluminum alloy die castings.

Last time we talked about some of the reasons why the Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part turned black. Today we will talk about the other two factors!

1. Environmental requirements for aluminum alloy materials.

Aluminum is a relatively lively metal. It is particularly susceptible to oxidation due to contact with air under limited temperature and ambient humidity conditions, which then causes blackening or mold growth. This is determined by the original characteristics of aluminum.

2. The cleaning agent used is not appropriate.

If the chosen cleaning agent is relatively corrosive, it will cause the die-cast aluminum to attack the air and then oxidize.

There are many die-casting plants that produce aluminum alloy die-casting parts, but ignore these key points to cause the aluminum alloy die-casting parts to turn black. Therefore, only when the relevant storage regulations are properly observed and dried in time, Will reduce the chance of blackening of aluminum alloy die castings.

The use temperature and humidity of aluminum die castings, the medium and sealing conditions of the parts, and then the accuracy requirements and specifications that the whole can meet can be stable.

The precision of the aluminum die casting profile and the roughness of the outside will affect its use of pumps and hydraulic systems, energy consumption and cavitation, the cylinder block and cover of the internal combustion engine, the ring of the piston and the exhaust pipe The hardness of the parts and the resistance to cold and heat will affect the length of the engine.

That's two other reasons why the aluminum alloy die castings appear black! You can find out.

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