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What is the Suitable Temperature for Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part?

Jun. 29, 2020

The temperature and humidity of the aluminum die-casting parts, the medium and sealing conditions of the parts are connected, and then there is a relationship with the accuracy requirements and specifications that can be met by the whole as a whole. As an Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory, share with you.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

The precision of the aluminum die casting profile and the roughness of the outside will affect the use of its pump and hydraulic system, energy consumption and cavitation, etc., the cylinder block and cover of the internal combustion engine, the ring and exhaust pipe of the sleeve and piston The hardness of the parts and the resistance to shock and heat shock will affect the length of the engine.

Aluminum die castings are made by sand casting, mostly because sand casting is less costly than other casting methods, the process is simple, and the processing time is short. When the wet type can not meet the conditions, then choose the dry sand type, dry sand type, or other sand type. The processing method of aluminum castings is suitable for the batch of production. Low-pressure processing, die casting, centrifugal casting and other processing methods. Due to the high price of equipment and molds, it can only be processed in batches. The processing of cast aluminum parts can be a single piece can also be batched.

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part have particularly critical uses in the industrial field and are widely used in many fields. The society has been improving, people's living standards have been improving, and users' demand for aluminum die castings is also increasing. Today Let's talk about what advantages it can be more and more popular!

1. The appearance of aluminum die-casting parts is beautiful, and the volume is relatively small. It can be easily transported during use, and it is also very helpful for automobiles.

2. The density of aluminum alloy will be smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, but it will be better in terms of strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, under the premise of bearing the same load, choosing aluminum die-casting can effectively reduce the structural volume.

3. For the outer layer of aluminum alloy as raw material, it is particularly outstanding in terms of gloss, and it is also worthy of recognition in terms of casting properties.

When aluminum die castings are processed, applying some external force will help the castings to better shape. Let's take a look at the types of pressure casting according to the pressure mode used by the mold!

1. Pressure casting, there are three kinds of low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure casting methods.

2. Reduced pressure casting, such as vacuum attraction casting method.

3. Atmospheric pressure casting is generally used in metal mold casting and sand mold casting.

4. Solidification when pressure is applied, centrifugal casting method, high-pressure solidification casting method, etc.

5. Depressurization-atmospheric pressure casting.

6. Buck-pressure casting method. For example, vacuum die casting method.