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What are the Requirements for Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part?

Feb. 11, 2020

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part is a precision casting method that uses high pressure to force metal melt into a complicated shape of a metal mold. It is a precision casting method. The characteristics of zinc alloy die-casting technology, how to choose the correct process parameters is the decisive factor to obtain high-quality zinc alloy die-casting molds. It is correct. The premise of adjusting the process parameter selection, so how to design the mold is essentially for aluminum alloy production. Various possible factors in the process reflect the comprehensive estimation of mold casting. So what are the requirements for zinc die casting? As a Die Casting Parts Supplier, share with you.

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part 

1. High-quality selection of die-casting mold materials;

2. Need to design a reasonable mold wall thickness and mold size;

3. Pay attention to roughing stress tempering;

4. Using appropriate heat treatment, casting zinc alloy mold, quenching speed is fast enough;

5. Thoroughly polish to remove EDM harassment quality layer;

6. No highly polished surface;

7. Minimize the use of aluminum content and speed up the injection;

8. To ensure proper cooling of the mold, the temperature of the cooling water must be maintained at 40 to 50 ° C;

When limited by the clamping force of the die-casting machine and the size of the mold, it is more suitable for production of small and medium-sized die-casting parts, but not for large-scale castings.

Have you ever encountered deformation problems in the manufacture of zinc alloy die casting? Do you know why it deforms and what is the solution?

First, the causes of deformation:

1. Poor casting structure;

2. The mold is opened too early, and the casting is not rigid enough;

3. Improper ejector setting and uneven force when ejecting;

4. When the gate position or gate thickness is too thick, it is easy to deform when the gate is cut;

5. Due to the local surface roughness, the resistance is large, and the product deforms when ejected; when the local temperature of the mold is too high, the product is not completely cured, and the force is large when ejected, causing the product to deform.

Second, the solution to the deformation:

1. Improve the casting structure;

2. Reasonably adjust the holding pressure and mold opening date;

3. Reasonably set the ejection position and the number of ejector rods, it is best to use 4 open spaces;

4. Change the position of the gate, make the gate have a point, reduce the thickness of the gate, in order to ensure the casting quality of the product, so that the product is not easy to deform when the gate is cut;

5. Zinc alloy die-casting strengthens the mold surface treatment to reduce the demolding resistance;

6. Control the local mold temperature and maintain the thermal balance of the mold.

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