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What is the Difference Between Hot Die Casting and Cold Die Casting of Magnesium Alloy Die Casting?

Apr. 14, 2020

As a Die Casting Parts Supplier, share with you. Hot chamber die casting Hot chamber die casting, sometimes called gooseneck die casting, is a molten, liquid, semi-liquid metal in a metal pool that fills the mold under pressure. At the beginning of the cycle, the piston of the machine is in a contracted state, at which time the molten metal will fill the gooseneck. A pneumatic or hydraulic piston squeezes the metal and fills it into the mold. The advantages of this system include rapid cycling (approximately 15 cycles per minute), ease of automation, and the ability to melt metals. Disadvantages include the inability to die-cast metals with higher melting points, and die-casting of aluminum because aluminum will carry iron out of the molten pool. Therefore, hot chamber die casting machines are commonly used for zinc, tin and lead alloys.

Magnesium Alloy Die Cast Part

Magnesium Alloy Die Cast Part

Moreover, hot chamber die castings are difficult to use for die casting of large castings, which are usually die castings of small castings. Cold chamber die casting When die casting cannot be used in the hot chamber die casting process, cold die casting can be used, including aluminum, magnesium, copper and zinc alloys with high aluminum content. In this process, it is first necessary to melt the metal in a separate crucible. Then a certain amount of molten metal is transferred to the unheated injection chamber or nozzle. These metals are injected into the mold by hydraulic or mechanical pressure.

Three advantages of Magnesium Alloy Die Cast Part mold temperature machine

1. Heating speed is fast, heat transfer efficiency is high, and scaling is not easy. It can be used to quantify heating oil and how much heating is required. The oil has no local high temperature and carbonization, thus ensuring the quality of the oil and the heat transfer efficiency of the heater.

2. The die-casting mold temperature machine adopts imported plate heat exchanger to make the unit compact and increase the temperature can be accelerated. Pipe explosion-proof device, air blowing and air returning function. Oil return temperature display, automatic exhaust function at startup and heating power switching function.

3. Use computer touch control to make it clearer, convenient and easy to operate. The tube is made of stainless steel integral forming technology to make it more uniform and even. The unit protection function has been strengthened, and the safety and fault indication system has been improved. You need to pay special attention to furnace production. If done well, aluminum losses can be minimized. The temperature of the heater must also be controlled. In the production process, we must ensure that its temperature is guaranteed, and strive to reduce its temperature to a suitable range. The thing we must pay attention to is that after the production is completed, we may waste part of the garbage. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that each process is very accurate, and aluminum alloy die castings must be concentrated in the production process. The most important thing is to pay attention to the ventilation and dryness of storage.

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