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Is Cracking of Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Related to Bubbles?

May. 06, 2020

As an Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part Factory, share with you. In the process of use, we will find that some aluminum die-casting parts are easy to crack, and this part usually has bubbles. So are these bubbles related to the cracking of the casting? The answer is yes, let's take a look at the specific reasons:

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part

The presence of oxygen in Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Part and alloy has two states.

One is oxygen dissolved in the molten steel. This part of supersaturated oxygen is either precipitated as Fe0 at the grain boundaries and forms a low-melting eutectic with FeS, resulting in "hot brittleness", or generated by reaction with carbon in steel Carbon monoxide bubbles remain in the aluminum die-casting to form pores or loose, resulting in cracking of the steel ingot during rolling.

The other is in the form of inclusions in aluminum die castings. When deoxidizing elements are present in the molten steel, the oxygen dissolved in the molten steel will combine with them to form oxide inclusions. Its degree of hazard depends on the nature, quantity, size, shape and location and condition of the inclusions.

Generally speaking, the hazard of the second state is smaller than that of dissolved oxygen.

The aluminum die-casting parts produced by the aluminum die-casting production method can be some high-quality auto parts or some valve rocker products. However, with the continuous development of technology, there are more and more types of aluminum die castings, and the quality of products is also continuously improving. What are the main types of aluminum die castings? What are the characteristics?

Aluminum die-casting can be used to produce some metal parts with a more complex shape and a clearer contour, and the walls of these metal parts are very thin and the cavity is very deep. Because aluminum die-casting is used for metal parts production, It is necessary to melt the raw materials for metal production, and then maintain a high fluidity in a working environment that ensures that the molten metal can be highly stressed and fast so that some other production processes can not be produced. Some special metal spare parts.

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