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Panel computer bracket adapter plate

Panel computer bracket adapter plate

product description
Industry ApplicationPanel computer bracket adapter plate 
Material304 stainless steel
Features1.The stamping process has high production efficiency and convenient operation, which is easy to realize mechanization and automation.
2. There is no chip material generation, the consumption of materials is less, and there is no need for other heating equipment, so it is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method, and the cost of stamping parts is low. 。
3.The stamping can be used for processing parts with large size range and complex shape. 
ProcessStamping part
Tolerance grade+—0.05mm
Surface treatmentElectrophoresis black 
Quality control1.It need pass the Salt Spray Test for 96 hours.
2. It need pass cross cut test and 3 M glue test.
Importing countryChina