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What are the Difficulties in the Production of Die Castings?

Mar. 30, 2020

Below Die Casting Parts Supplier to talk about the different defects in the current aluminum alloy die castings has always been a difficult point in the die casting production process.

1. How can the air holes stay inside the puppet?

2. What are the problems caused by the stomata in the mouth of the slag pack?

3. How come the size bubbles on the casting surface.

4. Why is it difficult to remove the air holes in the die casting?

Fifth, what is wrong with the main process of producing the separator in the die casting?

6. Why does the die casting part peel? Is it related to the die casting release agent?

7. Why is it difficult to make pure aluminum, and what are the details of the idea?

8. There are bubbles on the surface of zinc alloy castings after plating. Is it a material problem or a mold (machine. Adjustment) problem or a plating factory problem? How can we determine whether it is a material problem-or a die casting process problem-or a mold problem-or electroplating? problem.

9. How can we achieve the surface strength of zinc alloy castings.

10. What kind of release agent is best for zinc and aluminum alloy die castings.

During the forming process of Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part, defects will be caused due to some external factors. Porosity is one of the defects of zinc alloy die castings. It is not only related to the casting process, but also related to the properties of the cast alloy and the alloy. A series of factors such as smelting and the performance of modeling materials are related.

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Part

First of all, it is important to choose the correct model material. If the pouring system adopts the design of a hollow straight runner, the metal liquid can be mechanically blocked by slag and the combing flow can be absorbed to make the filling more stable. The second is about the use of the gating system and the insulation riser. The design of the inner gate should be conducive to the rapid forming of the alloy, avoid the formation of blind spots and hinder the manufacture of castings. Finally, the permeability of the coating is improved. High-quality coatings should have the characteristics of wear resistance, easy brushing, no cracking, strong exhaust ability, good air permeability, non-metallic wetting agent and chemical reaction, and qualified die castings. Without high-quality coatings, the prerequisite for high-quality coatings can achieve subsequent stable development.

Die casting processing is a basic manufacturing process with certain technical requirements. With the advancement of technology, many important tasks have been replaced by machines. Although this raises the threshold for die casting, it also improves the quality and value of die castings. , Doing a good job in die casting processing can bring rich returns to businesses.

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